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Welcome to consulting linked to:

- Serial Cars, thermal and electrical powered

- Competition Cars and Spare Parts

- Prototype, model and mold all types and all dimension sizes.

- Motorsports "therapist"

The JMPi Company exist
from 2007.

JMPi will design and build for you :

1 - All types of consultations for serial and competition cars.

2 - All kinds of works to digitize, prototype, mold, mock-up and model.

3 - Dimensional Controls of all machined part types, from zero to several meters length.

4 - Dimensional Checking of all competition and serial cars.

5 - Technical scrutineering for competition cars.

6 - Homologation forms and dossiers, FIA technical and Sportive rules, etc.

7 - Technical Manuals and workshop brochures.

8 - Technical Translations English, Chinese, etc.

9 - Security Test Certification dossier made at UTAC, MIRA, CSI etc

10 - Specific adapted  control an scrutineering Trainings.

JMPI more than 25 years of experience in Motorsport

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